Altayyar Group

Facts & Milestones

Through its 35-years long journey, Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company has realized a number of important

milestones listed below.

• Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding (public company),  founded over 34 years ago,  is based in the city of Riyadh.
• Founder: Dr. Nasser bin Aqeel Al Tayyar.
• Comprises of 20 companies specializing in travel, tourism and shipping services and complementary services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Owns more than 400 branches in various regions of the Kingdom, including 28 offices located in each of the Kingdom's airports.
• Most of the Group’s offices operate 24/7, year-round.
• Operations conducted across an integrated set of offices in both domestic and international airports, working 24/7 year-round within the King Khalid International airport, and the King Abdul Aziz airport in Jeddah, the King Fahd airport in Dammam, the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz airport in Medina, Cairo International Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the airport in Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia.
• Working with the Al Tayyar Travel Group are more than 4,000 skilled employees.
• Elected the Best agent by 14 international airlines.
• Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding has been ranked the best among 100 Saudi companies for the past 20 years.
• The company was ranked first among the 25 most powerful travel and tourism companies in the Middle East, according to a press statement published by the regional newspaper ARAB NEWS.
• The Group was ranked the best travel and tourism agency by Sabaq, a newspaper in 2013.

• Received the Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding certification (ISO 2008/9001) by the credit rating agency Moody International , which is accredited from UKAS, a British authority.
• Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding became the main sales agent of 'Global Network of Airline Services'.
• Received the Best Tourism in the Middle East award from the Malaysian government for the years 2004 and 2005.
• Received the award for Best Agent from 'Saudi Arabian Airlines' for several years, most recently in 2014.
• Established an elite private executive aviation company for the on-board operations of international flights, including the newly manufactured 'Challenger 605' jet plane.
• Operations across more than 30 international and regional offices spread out in many countries.
• The Group serves more than 3,200 government sectors, banks, companies and institutions, and members of the royal family.
• The Group issues more than 3 million tickets per annum.
• The Group is the sole representative of the tourism organizations at global and regional levels, as well as the International Federation for Conferences, the Organization of Travel Agencies and global tourism associations in Saudi Arabia. It is also a member of many international organizations such as: International Air Transport Association and the International Shipping Organization.