Altayyar Group

founder's message

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

The unparalleled success achieved by the Al Tayyar Travel Group over the last 35 years is firstly attributed to Almighty Allah’s blessings and secondly to the unlimited and continuous support it receives from our supportive Government throughout the years.  Such support has given us the power to realize a series of significant accomplishments that propelled the company to the forefront in the Kingdom. Since 1980, when we started our operations, we set ourselves a well-defined objective to provide excellent service in all aspects of our work. Armed with credibility, honesty, patience and determination we managed to overcome obstacles and hardships that lay ahead no matter how big they were. Today we stand proud as Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company throughout the Kingdom and on the international stage. 

Al Tayyar is a reputed brand with strong credibility in the travel industry and operations spanning the entire world. Our company has won the trust of the most notable international airliners, international hotels as well as ground service companies, who now depend on Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company and our affiliated companies to reach and serve the passengers of the Kingdom.

This is the outcome of the business strategy of Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company which calls for building a strong and integrated worldwide network that can deliver quality service at competitive prices. Our resources have enabled us to make the necessary investments to upgrade our capabilities and to expand on domestic and international levels. We have acquired as well as set up a number of promising companies globally. Extensive expansion has demanded increase in capital and our investment touched two billion riyals which is considered to be the biggest invested capital of its kind in the industry in the entire region. This enabled us to acquire a number of companies, and partnerships around the world, gaining knowledge of wide markets and considerable experience in the sector as a global leader and a listed company on the Saudi stock market, individually making humongous contributions to the hospitality, tourism and travel sector.

Finally, meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations is another guiding principle of our business and we are closer to our customers so we can satisfy their ever increasing requirements. We have been able to offer tour programs for families in Saudi Arabia to America, Europe Malaysia or the UAE without departing from the traditions and family values of Saudi society. This enables us to establish relationships that go beyond the purchase of tickets, including all possible assistance throughout their journey until they return home safe.

Complementing these numerous and great accomplishments are the consistent and faithful efforts made as part of the responsibility towards our community. The Group is always ready to support various communities, promote brotherhood and tolerance. We have sponsored and organized ambitious training and rehabilitation programs aimed at recruiting qualified Saudi youth who are encouraged to study abroad with sponsored educational and training programs.

With experienced personnel leading all departments and contributing extensively each day individually and collectively to the group’s success, we believe we are the pioneers of customer delight in the travel and tourism industry.

Dr. Nasser Bin Aqeel Al Tayyar

Founder - Al Tayyar Travel Group