Altayyar Group


Being a valued partner, Al Tayyar Travel Group is keen on furthering the business objectives of the region’s organizations and therefore sponsors relevant events and initiatives.

Al Tayyar Travel Group takes pride in being a valued sponsor for events and occasions where strategic marketing opportunities are present. The company directs its efforts towards supporting the community’s development through targeted sponsorships. The areas of sponsorship are selected for their economic value and relevance.

These events positively impact within the various communities and interest groups.
The Group’s vision is to participate in diverse events including medical, athletic, cultural, and charitable ones, as well as events related to economic development efforts.

Al Tayyar Travel Group was the official sponsor at the awards ceremony for entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

Al Tayyar Travel Group supports the launch of air cargo section at King Fahd Airport in Dammam

Al Tayyar Travel Group sponsors Forbes Middle East’s 200 Most Powerful Arab Woman award ceremony